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* Beyond jewels *

Active and creative minds never rest. They are constantly envisioning and searching for form and function in visual harmony. This section is a little space dedicated to beaufitul elements that merge design and craftwork. Handcrafted in Spain by the same hands that create all our jewels. Welcome.

eme things

Jewel Belt

Artisanally produced in Spain. Unique and exclusive design. Ethically and sustainably produced. High quality materials and finishes. All are common values of Lemon Rouge and eme jewels. Both have joined to create this limited edition of jewel-belts. Design and production entirely in Spain. It is a unique, timeless and versatile piece that will accompany...
eme things

Vintage Lamp

Handmade by recycling materials that we consume in our everyday life. This lamp is a decorative and singular item with a unique design by Eme. It provides any space with a warm light thanks to a vintage bulb. As it is not covered, it perfectly combines the beige and ochre tones from its composition. Available cable colours: green, brown, ochre"
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