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The principal adornment of the face. Discover our earrings with geometric forms and gems.


Grada Earrings

Natural 7x5 turquoise cabochon set in a silver head. Handcrafted earrings, easy to match. As they are in contact with the earlobe, the stone of protection and happiness stars these earrings. This piece of jewellery name results from the names of two turquoise gemstone fans that have helped this brand a lot! Two inspiring women: Grace Villarreal and...

Swarovski Fish Earrings

Delicate and special earrings handcrafted in silver. The special eme jewels fish set in an earring. With the same sand textured finish as the fish collar and the fish wrist chain. These earrings are easy to put in from behind, and don't need any closure. The fish-shaped silver wire and the small Swarovski crystal decorating the silver fish give these...

Heart Shaped Earrings

Delicate heart-shaped earrings in rhodium-plated or gold-plated silver. Matte finish. Their easy design will give a touch of romanticism to your everyday life.

Button Earrings

Who said that buttons are for clothes? Add some shine to your face with these button earrings with matte effect. Ideal for your everyday life. Available in rhodium-plated, gold-plated or rose gold-plated silver.
Striking earrings that will make your face slimmering. Thin rhodium-plated or gold-plated silver layer in semicircunference. Gloss finish. A subtle and chic touch for your look.

Pendientes Aros

Silver and gold-plated silver with a lined and matte finish create this new version of these timeless earrings. Handcrafted, as with every eme jewels product, these earrings are flat, so the lateral view is different from the front view. A safe choice for either special occasions or your everyday life.

Shell Earrings

A different way of wearing pearls. Silver or gold-plated silver with a sand textured finish and accompanied by a 2 ct pearl. An ideal piece of jewellery for special occasions or for your everyday life.

Rosé Cross Earrings

A new version of the cross, an element that never goes out of fashion, with a casual touch. Set in these silver earrings with a rhodochrosite gemstone in relief. Handcrafted, as with every eme jewels product. Available in silver or gold-plated silver.
Elegant rectangular silver earrings accompanied by red coral gemstones. From the depths of the ocean directly to your skin. To complete your look, use red lipstick! With matte finish and gold relief.

Pink Rectangle Earrings

Elegant rectangular silver earrings accompanied by rose quartz gemstones, the stone of love and femininity. With matte finish and in relief.
Elegant rectangular silver earrings accompanied by lapis lazuli gemstones. This is regarded as the gemstone of royalty and it was widely used amongst the Egyptians.
Elegant rectangular silver earrings accompanied by turquoise gemstones. This precious metal will cheer you up and give brightness to your face. With matte finish and in relief. Gold-plated.

Tago Earrings

Silver earrings with gloss finish and a jasper gemstone. This precious metal will catch everyone's attention and give brightness to your face. Jasper is a gemstone that can have different tones. This tile-colour jasper is a perfect match for many outfits. The size and design of these geometric silver earrings will not go unnoticed.

Dream Earrings

Handcrafted silver accompanied by a rose quartz gemstone and a moonstone. A very feminine choice for a wedding on a budget, or for everyday life.

Black Drop Earrings

The intense black Onyx stars these drop-silhouette earrings. Made with silver and with a polished finish, these earrings will give you a subtle but personal touch.

Blue Drop Earrings

The turquoise gemstones' charismatic "good wave" stars these drop-shaped earrings. They will give brightness to your face. Gold-plated silver and polished finish.

Drop Earrings

Delicate silver drops accompanied by turquoise jewels. Everybody likes this gemstone because of its colour and its good vibrations.

Rhombus Earrings

Bright rhombus-shaped silver earrings accompanied by rhodochrosite gemstones, the precious metal that augments and balances energy. Polished finish.

Esmerald Yarn Earrings

Striking earrings that make an ode to delicacy and femininity. Emerald oval cabochon set in gold-plated silver form an ideal jewel for special occasions or the everyday life.
Elegant earrings that join by a triangle the stone of love, rhodochrosite, and the stone of royalty and self-confidence, the lapis lazuli. Gold-plated silver.

Atus Earrings

An impressive and abstract piece for special occasions. Lined silver with matte effect and a spinel gemstone, from Brazil, create this unique jewel. Handcrafted.

Starlight Earrings

Delicate and subtle. Handcrafted silver earrings with a zirconia gemstone set in the centre of the star. A faceted quartz gemstone hangs from the star.

Moonlight Earrings

Spectacular detachable earrings handcrafted with silver. The zirconias are set one by one and the stars are engraved with a burin. The white tassels have a silver detachable mechanism, such that only the moon remains attached to the earring.

Ice Earrings

The perfect match for brides: transparent and shiny stone with silvered metal. Thanks to the Topaz and zircons, Ice earrings are truly elegant for weddings or other events. Handcrafted in silver or white gold, choose your favorite one!
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