Headbands & Tiaras

Headbands & Tiaras

Tiaras y Tocados

Brides & Weddings

Bride Headband

Delicate and feminine. Handcrafted white lace passementerie decorated with pearls in a coral shape.
Brides & Weddings

Indian Tiara

Handcrafted silver structure with a 13x8 pear cut zirconia and growing flowers sewed with silver cord.
Brides & Weddings

Butterfly Headdress

Delicate and sophisticated headdress handcrafted in silver. It is formed from a piece of white quartz, the purity and light gemstone, and 2 ct pearls. It can also be used as a brooch or pendant.
Brides & Weddings

Romance Headdress

Ideal to complement a wedding's look, for either the bride or a guest. Flower handcrafted with yellow and rose gold-plated silver, mixing the leaves. A big rose quartz stars this piece at the very centre. This is a unique piece. We can make similar jewels, but they will not be identical.
Brides & Weddings

Princess Tiara

Just like a fairytale, there is delicacy and feminity in each leaf that forms this tiara. Handcrafted with silver and adorned with white topaz and angel skin coral gemstones.
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