Brides & Weddings

Brides & Weddings

Weddings are undoubtedly one of the moments that we work for the most. Illusion and emotion are the key elements to create unique jewels that immortalize truly special scenes. Remember: if you don't find what you are looking for on this website, you can contact us for tailor-made jewellery.

Bridal Bouquet Medal

Bridal Bouquet Medal with Velvet Strip

Small details make a difference. This medal, 15mm diameter, is handcrafted in silver or gold plated and it is prepared to engrave that you want! The perfect touch for bridal bouquet with velvet strip.
Bridal Bouquet Medal

copy of Bridal Bouquet Medal with Chain

Small details make a difference. This medal, 15mm diameter, is handcrafted in silver or gold plated and it is prepared to engrave that you want! The perfect touch for bridal bouquet with silver chain
Brides & Weddings

Platé Wedding Ring

A different and modern version of the classic wedding ring. Handcrafted in silver or white gold, with flat shank and a matte finish, it is usually a favourite amongst Eme men. *Price may vary slightly depending on the size.

Moon Brooch

"In weddings, you must wear something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue". Fulfil the fourth requisite with this brooch made with silver and a lapiz lazuli stone. We will engrave this for you with your desired word or message.

Eternity Brooch

Geometric piece handcrafted in silver. Silver rectangle with an engraving and with a lapis lazuli oval cabochon.

Dream Earrings

Handcrafted silver accompanied by a rose quartz gemstone and a moonstone. A very feminine choice for a wedding on a budget, or for everyday life.
Brides & Weddings

Bride Headband

Delicate and feminine. Handcrafted white lace passementerie decorated with pearls in a coral shape.
Brides & Weddings

Indian Tiara

Handcrafted silver structure with a 13x8 pear cut zirconia and growing flowers sewed with silver cord.
Brides & Weddings


Delicadeza y sofisticación con este tocado de plata hecho a mano. Lo conforman un cuarzo blanco, piedra purificadora y llena de luz, y perlas de 2 kilates. También se puede usar como colgante

Moonlight Earrings

Spectacular detachable earrings handcrafted with silver. The zirconias are set one by one and the stars are engraved with a burin. The white tassels have a silver detachable mechanism, such that only the moon remains attached to the earring.
Headbands & Tiaras

Romance Headdress

Ideal to complement a wedding's look, for either the bride or a guest. Flower handcrafted with yellow and rose gold-plated silver, mixing the leaves. A big rose quartz stars this piece at the very centre. This is a unique piece. We can make similar jewels, but they will not be identical.

Loneliness Necklace

Solid 18 kt gold pendant. This piece of jewellery is handcrafted with a cross shape and is accompanied by a 1.5mm diamond.
Brides & Weddings

Oval Wedding Ring

The all-time wedding ring, a classic that never goes out of fashion. 2mm D-shaped shank, handcrafted in white or yellow gold. Engraving service available. *Price may vary slightly depending on the size.
Brides & Weddings

Silk Wedding Ring

A more modern version of the all-time wedding ring. Polished finish. It can be made with any of the three types of gold. A 1.5mm diamond can be added.
Brides & Weddings

Match Wedding Rings

Handcrafted in gold, these special wedding rings represent the union of the couple. Unit price.

Cima Earrings

Amethyst and citrine quartz gemstones joined and set in rhodium-plated silver with a polished finish. A different and special touch of colour for the bride's look, or a jewel for any special event.

Ice Earrings

The perfect match for brides: transparent and shiny stone with silvered metal. Thanks to the Topaz and zircons, Ice earrings are truly elegant for weddings or other events. Handcrafted in silver or white gold, choose your favorite one!
Brides & Weddings

Sea Bracelet

The aquamarine is the absolute star of this silver bracelet. It´s a good option to wear "something blue" in your wedding or, simply, add glamour and calm in your special moments

Starlight Earrings

Delicate and surprising. Handcrafted silver earrings with two positions: you decide if you want the biggest star today or not, so, you have 2 earrings in 1. Zirconia gemstones and a faceted quartz gemstone.
Brides & Weddings

Silk Petite Wedding Ring

Piece of jewellery made with white, yellow or rose gold and with a polished finish. It has a 1.5mm diameter diamond. This piece can be an engagement ring, wedding ring or a present full of love.
Brides & Weddings

Martelé Wedding Ring

A special wedding ring that symbolizes the union present in a relationship despite the difficult moments in life. Love always triumphs. *Price may vary slightly depending on the size.

Lavanda Earrings

Delicate combination of pastel tones, handcrafted with silver. White quartz, rose de France and amethyst gemstones, all faceted and ended in oval cut. Set in rhodium-plated silver with a polished finish.

Nymph Earrings

Impressive earrings, detachable in 3 different pieces: the small piece in contact with the earlobe, the gemstones hanging from the first piece, or the most special option that hangs from the top of the ear. Handcrafted silver with hyaline quartz and a polished finish.

Sunset Earrings

Two beautiful Rose Quartz  accompanied by large rose gold triangles, handcrafted and polished finish. A pair of elegant and sophisticated earrings that will pass generation after generation.
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