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For Babies


Dummy Necklace

eme jewels
Handcrafted dummy that can have the baby's name engraved. The baby can carry it on his/her clothes with a silver pin, or the mum can have it hung from her neck. A lifelong jewel.
Babies & Moms

Dummy Brooch

eme jewels
Handcrafted safety pin and dummy made from sterling silver. Lovely detail to place on your baby's clothes. Ideal as a present! The dummy can also be removed from the safety pin and be hanging from the neck or wrist by a chain.
Babies & Moms

Baby Bottle Brooch

eme jewels
After our mini dummy, another petite piece of jewellery will make us die of love: a solid baby's bottle. It can be worn as a pendant or as brooch and will fill the mum's neckline or the baby's clothes with love. Handcrafted with silver, gold-plated silver or 18 kt gold. The baby's name can be engraved. 45 cm long chain. Delivery in 7 days.
Babies & Moms

Silver Dummy Holder

eme jewels
Useful, practical and designer dummy holder. Personalize it with the baby's initial. 100% hancrafted with silver. It includes an interchangeable band with a velcro closure. The ending is a silver ring that can be opened to introduce the dummy. The bands can be ordered separately to be interchanged (they come with the ending and the velcro closure). )
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our hallmark

The button was the first jewel of the brand and symbolizes our artisan character and love for details

Button Earrings

eme jewels
Who said that buttons are for clothes? Add some shine to your face with these button earrings with matte effect. Ideal for your everyday life. Available in rhodium-plated, gold-plated or rose gold-plated silver.
For Men

Button Cufflinks

eme jewels
Our button, the Eme Jewels' "must have", set in a cufflink to complement the most glamourous men's look. Rhodium-plated silver cufflinks, with a sand textured finish.
Colgante botón de plata con acabado textura de arena Colgante botón de plata con acabado textura de arena 2
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Button Necklace

eme jewels
Silver or gold-plated silver button pendant with a sand textured finish. A plain but special touch that completes our special collection of buttons. This is a tribute to the fashion, the sewing and the craftwork in general. All pieces are handcrafted, one by one, in our workshop.

Button Ring

eme jewels
The most special element of Eme Jewels set in a ring. Handcrafted in silver and gold-plated silver, and with a beautiful mat effect. This ring matches any outfit.

Button Bracelet

eme jewels
Silver button set in handcrafted wristband. With a sand textured finish and two-colour band. Adjustable to every wrist due to the moving knot. Wearable every day and combinable with other models and colours.

XL Button Bracelet

eme jewels
Silver button set in a wristband. Sand textured finish. The chain is adjustable to any type of wrist thank to the moving knot. You can choose among: 1. marine blue, 2. brown, 3. beige, black, white, brown, 4. green, red, yellow, 5. marine blue, red, white.

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