eme jewels is a 100% handcrafted jewellery brand that creates different designs in limited editions. All our jewellery is designed and handcrafted in Spain.

Our passion about jewellery and craftwork has shaped the character of this firm. The handcraft of all pieces of jewellery is at the very core, as well as a sustainable production and attention to every detail. Because of this philosophy, the sustainable marketplace Fairchanges has selected eme jewels among its handcraft and eco-luxury brands.

The silver button was the firm's first design and tops the collection of Basics, small pieces of silver to wear daily that are the only ones that replicate unlimitedly. The rest of our catalog is made up of limited edition pieces and counted units of each are manufactured.

It is precisely the original designs of eme jewels that have won him the Prize of the Spanish Association of Image Professionals in 2018.

Due to the conviction that jewellery is much more than a mere accessory and that it increases in value along years, all our pieces of jewellery tell a story. This makes them a personal seal. This is why we trust in personalisation and, beyond the jewellery on our webpage, our firm's expertise is found in the creation of envisioned pieces. The item that is in your mind and is not found in any jewellery shop, the one inherited and waiting to be reversioned, the piece to be created to contain a specific stone,... All jewellery is possible in the eme jewels workshop, where every piece is created following each particular design.

We create distinctive jewellery for unique persons.

We create eme jewellery for eternity.

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