Lapis Lazuli

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This mineral is formed by many components, being lazurite the most common (sodium and aluminum oxide among others). It is a very precious gemstone since Antiquity. Very popular among Egyptians. It is believe to activate the third-eye and the crown chakra.

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Rainbow Necklace

€42.50 €50.00
The vibrance and energy of the rainbow is depicted in this necklace handcrafted from gold-plated silver. The gems are lapis lazuli, chalcedony, citrine quartz and ropada. The chain is 45cm long.

Moon Brooch

"In weddings, you must wear something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue". Fulfil the fourth requisite with this brooch made with silver and a lapiz lazuli stone. We will engrave this for you with your desired word or message.

Eternity Brooch

Geometric piece handcrafted in silver. Silver rectangle with an engraving and with a lapis lazuli oval cabochon.
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€59.50 €70.00
Elegant rectangular silver earrings accompanied by lapis lazuli gemstones. This is regarded as the gemstone of royalty and it was widely used amongst the Egyptians.
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€72.25 €85.00
Geometry will adorn your hands with this rectangular silver ring. Accompanied by a big lapis lazuli ovan cabochon. Handcrated and with a polished finish.
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Pink & Blue Triangle Earrings

€80.75 €95.00
Elegant earrings that join by a triangle the stone of love, rhodochrosite, and the stone of royalty and self-confidence, the lapis lazuli. Gold-plated silver.
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Lapislazuli Heart Bracelet

€85.00 €100.00
This is one of those impressive pieces of jewellery for special occasions. Aged silver heart with a matte finish and a big lapis lazuli stone. 100% handcrafted.
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