Rose quartz obelisk
Rose quartz obelisk

Rose quartz obelisk

Rose quartz is regarded as "the gem of love", hence it is commonly associated with peace, tenderness and romance. Our rose quartz obelisk is available in two heights: 6 cm and 4.5 cm.

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Commonly called "the gem of love", this mineral may present different tones of pink, ranging from the most intense to the most faded. Rose quartz is related to love, peace and tenderness. It is often used to attract unconditional love and romance, so it is used to heal emotional wounds and generate close and deep relationships with the person to whom it is given. Due to the connection with love and the heart, this quartz is one of the most energetic minerals, bringing compassion and healing. It also helps to relax emotional stress and its physical effects, such as fear or anxiety.

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