Amethyst cathedral
Amethyst cathedral

Amethyst cathedral

Amethyst cathedral is a natural gem with arrow-like endings. This type of piece is very decorative and radiates lots of energy. With a height of 11.5 centimeters from the base to its peak.

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Purple colour has been coveted since ancient times because it was difficult to obtain as a dye, reserved only for the elites for centuries due to its very high cost. Its origin dates back to the Ancient Egypt and the Minoan culture in Crete. Since then, it has been identified with aristocracy and royalty. Amethyst is a type of purple quartz that has been used in royal jewelry for thousands of years for its great beauty and symbolism, associated with divine wisdom.

This gem is also associated with beneficial properties for the human being, helping to cleanse the environment from negative energies, as well as to relax emotional stress caused by physical, emotional and psychological tensions. Extraordinarily powerful and protective.

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