Limited Edition

Limited Edition

Advocating for a sustainable and controlled production and for an exclusive and different design, the majority of our jewellery is produced in limited editions. We create a reduced number of each piece. Once a jewel is no longer produced, we reversion it with a different stone, finish, material or shape. But always with a special design. We create different jewels for unique persons.

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True Love Necklace

€144.00 €160.00
A heart with a fissure. As all hearts truly are, as a consequence of broken dreams. A romantic silver piece with different geometries. This piece of jewellery contains a faceted topaz, a stone that is traditionally used as a guide as it clears one's mind and helps with brain concentration and decision making.
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Black Coral Necklace

€342.00 €380.00
Transport yourself to the Caribbean with this necklace with amber and black coral. All gems are brought directly from the Dominican Republic. Nowadays, the black coral trade is controlled and any item of jewellery with a piece of it will have an incalculable value. All pieces are linked together over a base of silver that connects with the chain, also...
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Mademoiselle Ring

€351.00 €390.00
Ring with thin and rounded shank. Three baskets embrace two rubies and one rose de France. Polished and rhodium-plated finish.
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